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7 Feb 2016 Design: Space Sense. You've finally gotten the keys to your new HDB flat, but before you get all excited and carried away with your renovations, check first that what you plan to do is allowed by the HDB. For instance, did you know that you can only engage a HDB Registered Renovation Contractor (RRC)
Here are HDB's guidelines for renovation works and engaging HDB's registered renovation contractors.
BTO Flats. As we introduce distinctive aesthetic features in BTO flats to enhance their appearance, unique renovation guidelines may apply to your project. Find out more
You are responsible for the renovation works in your flat and have to ensure that your contractor carries out all works in line with HDB guidelines. The Housing & Development (Renovation Control) Rules 2006 require that you only engage HDB Registered Renovation Contractors to carry out renovation works in your flat.
Sanitary and Plumbing/ Gas Works. Find out renovation guidelines for water pipes or points, reposition of sink and wash basin, portable grease trap, and new floor trap, gully, or grease trap. Find out more
The Premiere at Tampines. These renovation guidelines are also intended to assist home owners in their renovation works by providing the necessary information on the nature and extent of renovation works. 2.0. Renovation a). Home owners are required under the Housing & Development (Renovation Control) Rules.
28 Dec 2016 Living in My Estate · Parking Your Vehicle · Maintaining Your Property · Estate Renewal Programmes · Living With Pets · Living With Neighbours · House Developers · Useful Services · Useful Contacts. Share: Increase text Decrease text Printer Friendly Version. HDB Flats - Renovation Guideline. Before you
c) In order not to jeopardise – i) the issuance of the Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC) for Parkland Residences; ii)the validity of the various Warranties; and iii)performance criteria established for the Mechanical/Electrical installations; all Works carried out should be in accordance with HDB's renovation guidelines.