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11 Feb 2013 Use these three best practices to ensure your online help documentation system actually helps your end users.
Best Practices for Writing Effective Documentation. The following practices will help you to improve your approach to writing documentation: Prefer executable specifications over static documents; Document stable concepts, not speculative ideas; Generate system documentation
Users have come to expect task-based documentation instead of descriptions of product features. They want to know how to accomplish goals, rather than understand the meaning of individual interface elements, isolated from a meaningful user workflow. Writing procedures therefore deserves time, thought, and careful
16 Jun 2014 This presentation outlines industry best practices in writing/editing “user friendly” instruction/user manuals. Instruction/user manuals are written for the pu

7 Jan 2017 But it's not enough to merely provide a manual, as what seems obvious to a developer is less so to a worker who's just trying to do their job. That's why we've collected these 5 best practices to crafting the perfect software user guide that will help your customers seamlessly incorporate their new software into
1 Mar 2007 Some user manuals include "job aids"--in other words, things the user can use just-in-time on the job, but in software, these are nearly always "cheat sheet" cards with keyboard shortcuts rather than "here's how to do this For a programmer, this might be design patterns and best-practice idioms, etc.
Writing help documentation can be a tricky process. You need to learn to think like a product user not a developer. As the person responsible for writing the help documentation you may well have been involved with your product for a while, and have become very familiar with how it works. This is useful when writing help
17 Feb 2014 Today, I'm going to show you 10 examples of what makes great end user documentation. I should clarify that end user documentation does not serve the same purpose as technical documentation, so you shouldn't write them the same way. Technical documentation is meant to teach somebody everything
14 May 2015 So they write articles on Stack Overflow, on their blogs, and on third-party forums. Although this can be good, it's also a great way for worst-practice solutions to bloom and gain momentum. Embracing these people and making them part of the official documentation effort for your project has many