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16 Dec 2008 GSI Lumonics Lightwriter Laser. Marking System: 40W CW YAG. (1064nm) Q switch to 50kHz, Pulse lengths >50nS. CNC XYZ Table approx 1200mm x 1200mm x 150mm. CNC Machine tool approx 300mm x 300mm x 300mm. Computer controlled XY stage, Manual Z. Stage 300mm x 300mm. Articulated
GSI Lumonics 1996. 60 FORDHAM ROAD. WILMINGTON, MA 01887. M2 / M2T 9.5 mm. Reference Manual. Open Frame Head with. 6U EDD Style Drivers. GMAXTM SYSTEMS. MULTI-AXIS BEAM The controller user manual provides all necessary information for the safe operation of the. XY Scan Head. CAUTION.
18 Oct 2011 Communication Devices Program. The instructions below explain how to take care of your Lightwriter and control some of its many features. For complete instructions, please consult the SL40 User Guide: The Lightwriter SL40 will always
Z-axis; 10” manual. •. Chiller, External (included). •. Power: 220 VAC; 1?. $22,600.00. (Used). 1. YAG LASER. •. Make: Lumonics; Model:Light Writer sPe. •. Nd :YAG IR Laser machine. •. 1064 Laser-CW/Q-switched. •. Power: 50Watts. •. Marking Head with 7”X7” flat field lens. •. Marking Software Program. •. Safety Enclosure
8600 Evergreen Boulevard • Minneapolis, MN 55433. 612-786-1520 • Fax: 612-783-5073 • E-mail: Laser. 5 Machines. 1 Lasag FLS YAG Laser Welder. 1 Lasag SLS YAG Laser Welder/Cutter. 1 Lumonics Lightwriter SPe Laser Marker. 2 Trumpf Vectormark Laser Marker. Swiss Turning. 86 Machines.
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STX634. Lumonics Luxstar LXTR30, P61Y6980X, 30W laser. STJK214. Lumonics Screencut P55Y4051B. ST9300. Lumonics HM series. ST1010. Lumonics ScreenCut 4000, ScreenCut 5000 , F410-4. ST2202. Lumonics AM356 Multiwave. ST116LL. Lumonics Lightwriter (long life 400 Hrs). ST116LLS. Lumonics Lightwriter
3708, World Trader Center, 159-1 Samsung-dong, Kangnam-gu, Seoul,. SurplusGLOBAL. 135-729, Korea Tel: (822)6000-6868/7 Fax: (822)6000-6866. TL. 1. 1/21/2005. Lumonics Light Writer SPe Laser Marker
GSI Lumonics Scan Controller User Manual. Contents: 1. System Overview. 2. System Interconnection. 3. Software Overview. 4. Tutorial: Writing Scan Controller programs. 5. Special System Topics. 6. Command Reference. 7. Binary Command Format: 8. Scan Controller error codes. 9. Binary Interface Definition. 10.
in this manual are believed to be correct and accurate as at the date of publication or revision? However, no In no event shall GSI Lumonics be liable for any equipment malfunction, or damages whatsoever, including, without LightWriter, LUMONICS, MultiFlex, MultiMark, PulseMaster, SIGMA, SoftMark,. SuperSoftMark