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26 Oct 2017 This MediaWiki installation guide provides instructions on how to manually install and configure MediaWiki on a web server. There are easier alternatives to this, see Alternatives to manual installation below. The first part of this guide gives general instructions, while the last section contains a list of
Mediawiki manually create user in mysql. Mar 27, 2012I have already installed WAMP and need to create a new database. The mediawiki manual says: You need to create a MySQL database and a user before installing MediaWiki. Manual:MySQL - MediaWiki
14 Jan 2008 The following sections describe how to install and configure MediaWiki for use with FastCGI on Windows Server® 2008. This document assumes that you have completed the setup and configuration of the FastCGI extension and PHP libraries as described here.+. The instructions have been tested and
These instructions use "w" as the drive letter. To make sure this is a valid drive letter, look at "My Computer" and see which letters have been assigned to local and network hard drives. In the example below, a typical Windows installation, drives C, D, and E are assigned.
9 Nov 2017 Manual:Installation requirements In addition to the software itself, a standard MediaWiki installation has the following requirements: is supported for LTS releases and is not guaranteed to work for non-LTS releases (requires Microsoft Windows as Operating System because it uses the SQLSRV driver).
2 Apr 2013 This article will explain the steps to install MediaWiki manually on your server.
21 Oct 2017 Ин дастурамал барои MediaWiki аст, ки дар худ дорои инструксия?о барои установка бо дастони худ ва настройка?ои MediaWiki дар веб-хадамот ?астанд. There are easier alternatives to this, see Alternatives to manual installation below. ?исми аввали ин дастурамал аз дастур?о оид ба
By a "stick" we mean a USB stick, otherwise known as a USB key, USB flash drive, keydrive, thumbdrive, or pendrive. However the instructions will apply to other removable storage media (memory card, PC Card/PCMCIA/CardBus disk, LS-120 SuperDisk, or other portable media).
31 Oct 2017 XAMPP can be used to get an environment for your MediaWiki installation up and running pretty quickly on your local machine or for a portable version on a USB drive if you use XAMPP Portable Light. Contents. [hide]. 1 Getting Apache and MySQL running; 2 Creating your database; 3 Editing PHP.ini